TriSpan's Intangibles

TriSpan has a successful track record of closing M&A deals, preparing founders and management teams for investor and strategic partner dialogues and providing clients with valuable insight to assist in making important strategic decisions. However, unlike other advisory firms, we separate ourselves by going the extra mile for clients. TriSpan is thought of as a valuable addition to the team that assists with critical work, and fills roles that other investment banks and intermediaries would never consider.  


When has your advisory firm done the following for you?

-       listened to your goals and showed you alternative paths to achieving those goals

-       offered trusted advice with only Founder and shareholders' best interests in mind 

-       effected key introductions - strategic, financial, legal, accounting, key executives, etc. 

-       joined you in your booth at a tradeshow or convention helping to win new customers

-       honed your strategic vision and provided guidance with no imminent transaction

-       engaged in business development to secure new partnerships for your business

-       crafted email and content marketing campaigns

-       challenged your financial assumptions to achieve outcomes greater than you expected