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             ~ achieving our clients' goals is at the core of what we do 

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TriSpan Partners, founded in 2006, is a boutique advisory firm focused on founder-financed, growth stage businesses. We help founders and their teams plan and execute their growth strategies, as well as realize the value they have created in their business through an M&A exit. 

Throughout our investment banking careers, we have advised clients of all sizes, and closed transactions in both favorable and challenging market conditions. Our 20+ years of deal experience, combined with a tireless work ethic, an established network and time-tested instincts, has enabled us to earn the trust and deliver the successful outcomes sought by our clients.


What We Do

We have a track record of successfully closing M&A deals, generating interest from acquirers, managing an efficient process, building financial projections, creating valuation analyses and preparing management teams for the due diligence process. Additionally, we help founders assess financing options to grow their business, and in some instances, have also made direct investments.  We separate ourselves from other financial advisors with the intangibles we bring to bear, which help to achieve better outcomes.

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Our Approach

Our history of engagements with companies across the technology landscape and other growth industries, provides a breadth and depth of experience that we bring to each client. Our relationship network, which includes executives, corporate development professionals, investors, accountants and lawyers among others serves as a valuable resource that we can leverage for our clients in a variety of situations.

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Observations & Thoughts

Throughout the course of our careers, we have formed opinions and developed insight on a wide array of topics.  Visit our blog to read our thoughts and provide us feedback with your perspective. Through dialogue and exchanging ideas we can all evolve in our thinking and approaches to successfully building and managing growth businesses.

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Our Practice

TriSpan has been committed to founder-financed growth companies since 2006.  We know that each client is unique and requires a customized approach to deliver the ideal outcome that balances the valuation, timing and structure goals of each founder. 


Don't take the highs, don't take the lows - just keep on driving towards your goals with passion, creativity and grit.

—  TriSpan motto